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Tobias crouches in front of me, his hand on my left shoulder. Tris has killed her friend will, stopped a nasty simulation, and started a whole series of unfortunate events that will change the city forever. Chapter 2 summary the amity meet as a group and decide that the members of. I love the divergent book the first book but i really bad want insergent and i got finished divergent 1 day ago and got it 10 days ago i can wait till the movies come out and cant wait to read more my teacher recommended this book and this book brought a light out in my i love to read nowatleast your books. Louis is next to me, humming something that sounded suspiciously like little things. Tris tells us shes lying, which i cant blame her for because it did get four to finally shut up. They also donate some technology, including glass shattering discs and a stungun. Insurgent uncovered chapter 35, a divergent trilogy fanfic. Insurgent uncovered chapter 4, a divergent trilogy fanfic. Audible goodreads amazon indiebound insurgent has been on the top of my most anticipated sequels list for a while now and finally its out. Tris sleeps silently next to me, and for that i am thankful.

Chapter 24 summary the dauntless depart from candor headquarters. The attack is scheduled to begin that afternoon, so those who are. I stand in the training center with all five members of one direction, and the other four competitors. Chapter 32 shopping for supplies chapter 33 school once again chapter 34 candor or dauntless in school chapter 35 spring break camping. I know when she wakes all there will be is a strange silence and an emptiness inside her no matter how much noise surrounds her or how much we will all try to distract her. Insurgent veronica roth divergent divergent followed the story of tris, who was born in abnegation the selfless faction and transferred to dauntless the brave faction.

The train car bumps over the rails, and marcus, peter, and caleb stand by. A hit with both teen and adult readers, insurgent is the actionpacked, emotional adventure that inspired the major motion picture starring shailene woodley, theo james, ansel elgort, and octavia spencer. The sky outside my window changes as the hours pass, first a pale blue, then somehow bursting with tints of orange and streaks of bright pink. In the event you drill down somewhat greater, i might claim in which idea authority promoting can be far more about a from suppliers organizational traditions move than it really is regarding promoting, but that may be regarding yet another submit. They find surviving members of abnegation there too. Then, a bunch of loyal dauntless, including tobias, show up to save the day.

If its been longer than an hour for you, make sure to recap yourself with our divergent guide. Need help with chapter 35 in veronica roths divergent. He wanted her to follow him, and asks her to go into his fear landscape with him. Tris, weak from blood loss, awakens inside a glass tank. Insurgent by veronica roth chapters 16 summary and analysis. Dedication to nelson, who was worth every risk chapter one i wake with his name in my mouth.

Chapter 1 summary tris, fourtobias, caleb, marcusfours father and abnegation leaderand peter seek refuge with the amity faction. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Jack kang is horrified to discover that they have tried and executed eric and are taking their divergent colleagues with them to the dauntless headquarters, leaving jack unable to meet two out of three of jeanines demands. Thank you for those who are reading it and favoriting it. The traitors flee, except eric, who is lying on the floor and moaning like peewee herman at the end of. That evening i return to my room and slide my hand beneath my mattress to make sure the gun is still there. The sight is mesmerizing and my eyes never wander from the window, though my mind does. I started on the chapter where they meet, and continued until the end. As the sequel to the 2011 bestseller divergent, it continues the story of tris prior and the dystopian postapocalyptic version of chicago. Check out our revolutionary sidebyside summary and analysis. This second book of the divergent trilogy, but written entirely from tobiass perspective instead of triss.

His faction, who have no protection without the dauntless. Veronica roth is not going to help you in this one. Divergent audiobook chapter 39 the last chapter youtube. Chapter 7 summary the erudite and the dauntless traitors arrive at the amity compound to search for abnegation members. I dont know when ill start it, i think itll take some time for my mind calm down. In beatrice priors dystopian chicago, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue candor the honest, abnegation the selfless, dauntless the brave, amity the peaceful, and erudite the intelligent. They return to tobiass old house in the abnegation sector. Chapter 35, because sometimes the real story starts in the middle. We start divergent by meeting beatrice prior, who has no nintendo and only one mirror in her houseand that mirror is usually hidden. Tobias stands in front of the mirror, his head tilted so he can see the corner of his jaw. Cara and fernando agree to help by using their technical skills to broadcast the secret information once they locate it.

Once im in the hallway, i stop struggling toward jeanine. I spend the rest of the day in my room, much like yesterday. Also, please provide feedback on anything seriously, feedback is whats going to make this book even better than the first one. Feel free to make book requests is the comments as well. The amity welcome them, treating triss gunshot wound and giving them food, clothing, and shelter. This is divergent from fours tobiass point of view.

The remaining abnegation members, tris, tobias, and caleb disguise themselves as amity. Lots of discussion about what makes society run smoothly and what kinds of people and what sort of government structure are needed for people to. I pass her the book and sit back down next to tris. I see that lots of people are reading this story and thats awesome. She was special she was divergent, which meant she fit in to multiple different factions. Peter repays his debt to tris, by rigging her execution and helping her and tobias escape. When amy preston sets up home in a little welsh village with a funny sounding place name, all she really wants is to rebuild her life in solitude. If i had to pick who was going to come out of this alive right now. I had to cut out me saying chapter 30 but the first chapter is indeed chapter 30.

Insurgent is a 2012 science fiction young adult novel by american novelist veronica roth and the second book in the divergent trilogy. Tris turns herself in, quickly realizes she made a huge. Following the events of the previous novel, a war now looms as conflict between the factions and their ideologies grows. Not because she is my girlfriend but because she is smarter than you. Insurgent uncovered chapter 16, a divergent trilogy fanfic. Insurgent chapter 3 the lady grabbed my hand and stuck a needle in my finger.

Beatrice was born into the abnegation faction, and though her familymom, dad, slightly older brother calebtotally rock the abnegation lifestyle, beatrice isnt so great at it. Finding herself alone just a few days before christmas, she couldnt be happier with the arrangement. I will be doing insurgent also by veronica roth next. My side throbs from where peter punched me, but its nothing compared to the pulse of triumph in my cheeks. Insurgent chapter 28 when we last left off, tris had reassured fourbias that she wouldnt put herself in danger by giving herself up to erudite.

With so many dystopian ya franchises around these days, it can be hard to get your facts straight and remember what apocalyptic event or traumatic love. Fours pov give me the book, lynn demands, holding her hand out to me. Insurgent audiobook full veronica roth unabridged a. I withdraw my hand and kneel on the edge of the bed, taking hard swallows of air until the feeling subsides. Remember all those times you were wondering what tobias couldve possibly been thinking during insurgent.

As in the first book, divergent, the author includes references to the old north america, specifically the books setting of chicago. Before i open my eyes, i watch him crumple to the pavement again. I enjoyed the fact of her finding friends and survivors within abnegation, dauntless, erudite to find a safe haven. Mccarthy reads aloud from divergent copyright 2011 by veronica roth published by katherine tegen books this recording is an. Insurgent uncovered chapter 7, a divergent trilogy fanfic. Will be posted on april 5 join us for our discussion of divergent chapter 36 from april 5 to april 8. Otherwise you wouldnt be reacting the way you are in the book to her. So we pretty much already know this is a terrible world.

June iparis, go, the mediator said, when she found that my blood matched. There are street names and landmarks, for example, that exist in chicago today and are mentioned in the book. Insurgent is captivating right from the first chapter again and we are pulled along with tris as the factions are now at war. This study guide consists of approximately 43 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of insurgent. My fingers brush over the trigger, and my throat tightens like i am having an allergic reaction. Divergent high divergent au chapter 30 spring break. The attic divergent guide the divergent divergente portugal divergent society crazy about theo james divergents uk the faction four the fandemonium network my divergence is real blog saga divergente faction fandom. Insurgent chapters 30, 31, and 32 version 2 youtube. Chapter 40 summary tris explains her plan to the erudite refugees.

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