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Yet even though the number of laws in the torah can be debated, early. According to jeremiah and the author of hebrews, who quoted this prophecy in hebrews 8. The jews made many physical commandments, but they neglected the spiritual aspect of yahwehs law, and that is what displeased yahshua. The house of yahweh in odessa had its beginning in nazareth, israel, in 1975 long before bill came into it, and while he was a member of the worldwide church of god in abilene. Notice carefully how yahwehs law in the new covenant is written on the believers heart and mind. Which of the 6 laws given by god at sinai are binding upon chris. Following are more of the laws we today cannot comply with because of their nature. You shall set up an effective government to police the. The testimony of yahweh is sure, making the simple wise.

Under the guidance of yahweh ben yahweh, our children will make the worlds greatest impact on civilization. I do not recommend using this specific list as a reference. In addition, strictly speaking, when we say that jesus is yahweh, we are referring specifically to his divine nature, the eternally preexisting logos who became jesus john 1. Yahweh wanted a family the earth was special to yahweh, because from earth it was yahwehs plan from the beginning to create man in his own image. Begin your new year of 6018 by going to the beginning of the solar calendar where march 12. You will discover that the knowledge of the laws of the kingdom of heaven assures life, prosperity, equity and peace.

This verse is frequently quoted to prove that the new testament assembly need not keep yahwehs dietary laws, nor his legislated holy days. Yahweh your father you must reverence, and him you must serve, and by his name you must take your oaths. Thats an irrefutable facta fact that you will understand perfectly by the time you finish. So satan was definitely one of the sons of the alahym god according to all these scriptures and according to the original hebrew word meanings. Yahweh is the name of the state god of the ancient kingdom of israel and, later, the kingdom of judah. The first communication was what you would call genetic. The original parents of all mankind were perfect, created to live in eden bliss, delight and they were. Health yahwehs way in the beginning yahweh created all things. The penalty for sin, which is the breaking transgression of yahweh s laws, is death. Yahweh yahweh of the bible is generally translated as lord. Those described as unclean are not suitable for human consumption.

It transcends all other law, making it the supreme law of the entire earth. What about the tetragrammaton, yahweh and jehovah god spoke to me a oneness in the spring of 1986. See all 4 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. This message is both a record of specific events and a revelation of the plan of redemption and restoration. But in 1975 that supposition was disproved by the discovery of an image of yahweh on potsherds from kuntillet ajrud in the sinai region. A peaceful solution to building the next temple in yerusalem. The law of moses and the christian evangelical theological society. But now you have salvation, and hold onto it, and pray for leadership. Thus, the law is divine since it comes from a divine source.

Lord yahweh, saying, for he is good, for his loving kindness is upon israel forever. Ezras prayers recorded in chapter 9 indicate that they prayed to yahweh and did so by using his name. Article 4 publication of the law laws of the covenant of peace volume i 248 positive commandments 4a 001 the require worship of yahweh 1 believe in yahweh as the only source of power in the universe. Notice the reaction of king josiah when the book was read to him. As the name of the supreme being was considered too holy to be spoken, the consonants yhwh were used to remind one. Yahweh will send someone your way one way or another so you can be fed. Thus in texts such as these, yahweh the father is distinct from yahweh the son, with the former speaking of the latter. Yeshua the messiahs name an angel of the lord appeared to joseph in a dream and. The 6 laws that you refer to have many man made interpretations, such as wearing little boxes on the forehead with scripture inside. Such documents may include instructions or accounts of the. In deuteronomy 14 and leviticus 11, we are commanded to eat only animals, fish, fowls and insects described in the bible as clean. The book of deuteronomy is the fifth book of the jewish torah, where it is called devarim heb. Yahweh gives us clear guidelines for recognizing clean animals that are acceptable for food animals that chew the. Believe in yahweh as the only source of power in the universe.

Yahweh was not always pleased with these added laws. The abraham story is recorded in the lost book of enki and the bible. As the house of yahweh is an israeli institution, we did not have to take out organization papers in this country. And yahweh spoke all these words, saying, 1 i am yahweh your abba, which have brought you out of the land of egypt, out of the house of bondage. It would be a good start for one to keep the sabbath and the festivals of yahweh that were commanded forever.

Forever by being a 11 moral 11 people who love yahweh, value life, love each other. There are a whole lot more than only 10 commandments found in the old testament, there are commandments. Yahwehs name even though he commanded us to declare his name to the world. The role of yahweh in the hebrew bible is introduced by the jahwist portions. If he had not spoken to me i would not have written books regarding the one most high god and his glory, for until that time i had no biblical understanding of this awesome truth. His will is his commandment, and his commandment is his law.

The curse of breaking yahweh s laws is what we see in the world today sickness and disease, drug and alcohol addiction, food contamination, rape and. Satan is also called the god of the heavens and the earth. Since then i have written four books on this subject, sufficient. Chapter 1 the perfect law of yahweh before examining the united states constitution and comparing it with yahweh s1 righteousness as codified in his commandments, statutes, and judgments, we must demonstrate that his laws are the standard by which the constitution and everything else. Besorah introduction the besorah is the message given to prophets selected by the creator being, yahuah hwhy to all mankind. Yahweh, and this distinction is important, especially today, as yahweh is the one true god and distinct from any other gods that mankind may otherwise worship isaiah 43. The text is also designed for use in discuss ing and teaching specific subjects dealing with the sacred name. This explanation will help clarify what paul really meant. The second communication was the walking among your peoples to. Yahwehs law in the future the following verses outline the basics of the new covenant between the almighty and his people israel. It may surprise you to discover that yahweh is the only name he told us to proclaim to the world. His name is composed of four hebrew consonants yhwh, known as the tetragrammaton which the prophet moses is said to have revealed to his people.

Some of the laws overlap and are inclusive with other laws, so there are really less than 300. The chapter on the administration of justice in ancient israel provides a great resource when. It contains many helpful charts and lists, including a list of 6 laws of rabbinical tradition that is very valuable. And the image depicting the hebrew god was a very scandalous one showing him as a naked man with large genitals and the head of a bull. The first two of the ten commandments i am the lord your god and you shall have no.

Yahweh shows us the blessings of keeping his laws and the curses of breaking his laws deu. Yahweh was the national god of the kingdoms of israel samaria and judah. The curse of breaking yahwehs laws is what we see in the world today sickness and disease, drug and alcohol addiction, food contamination, rape and. Yahshua chastised the jews in matthew 15 and mark 8 for their commandments of men, which here meant eating with unwashed hands. Yahweh canaanite deity 3 adoption in israelite religion a hypothetical modern reconstruction of what the tetragrammaton would have looked like in phoenician 1100 bc to 300 ce, together with actual aramaic 10th century bc to 0 and modern hebrew scripts. Submit to yahweh as the supreme head, to be in unity with yahweh.

Transcript is yahshuaelohim happy sabbath to everybody here and happy sabbath to everyone who will hear this message later. Here are more scriptures to prove what the holy spirit has given on what you must do to be saved. You hear in those words an echo of our passage in deuteronomy 6. Law of yahweh in the bible is simply there to teach us right from wrong, and keep us from making so many poor decisions in our life that will only lead to our misery and unhappiness. I have attempted to codify them in a simple convenient manner and have broken them down into 210. The word yahweh is a vocalization of the four consonants in the way many scholars think this covenant name for god was pronounced in ot times. It is impossible to be a new covenant christian without pursuing yahwehs laws both individually and societally. Ten commandments of yahweh you shall therefore keep the commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments, which i command you this day, to do them. And all the people shouted with a great shout when they praised the lord yahweh because the foundation of the house of the lord yahweh was laid.

Are gods commandments not just the ten famous ones, but 6 laws and. It is a quick read because, as the subtitle says, the book is actually a handbook. The first step in regaining lawful standing is to reverence the creator. His origins reach at least to the early iron age and apparently to the late bronze, and in the oldest biblical literature he is a stormandwarrior deity who leads the heavenly army against israels enemies. The legal characterization of god in the pentateuch surface. Yahweh set laws in motion to keep in a set order all of his creation. We will produce mathematicians that are highly mathematic.

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