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Click here for a onestop resource on everything you need to. Salmonella bacteria is transmittable to people but does not typically cause problems in the tortoises. This book contains detailed information on indoor and outdoor enclosures, proper feeding and nutrition, breeding, egg incubation, care of young tortoises, and health information for all levels of keepers. Finally, all reptiles, including russian tortoises, may carry salmonella bacteria in their gi tracts. Russian tortoise breeders, keepers and enthusiasts public. You might feel like all pet tortoises out there get too big, but one good thing about the russian tortoise is that it stays small. Synopsis the russian tortoise and its relatives, the greek, egyptian, hermanns, and marginated tortoises, have been kept as pets for centuries. Choose from 100s of books available covering tortoises. Covering a wide range of topics, such as nutrition, health care, breeding, and how to construct both indoor and outdoor habitats for russian tortoises, this book will provide extensive facts and interesting ideas for reptile fans at every level of the hobby. If properly taken care of, in the proper enclosure, they thrive. But you dont mind the solitude, because youre passionate. The tortoises of the mediterranean and eurasia include five groups. Russian tortoises fed large amounts can develop kidney disease.

Adult size on russians tortoises is usually 5 to 6 inches for males, with females. Ask a store partner about petco s selection of books on russian tortoises and the variety of private brand products available for the care and happiness of your new pet. Got reptiles has tortoises for sale including red foot, pancake, sulcata, and more. Russian tortoise description, habitat, image, diet, and. We offer all kinds of species of tortoise for sale in the uk. Caring for a russian tortoise russian turtle caresheet. I would then ride my bike to the drug store, get a money order, and mail it to whichever reptile company i was ordering from at the time. In fact, i used to pay for all the tortoises books i came across. This group is dedicated to the proper care, husbandry, housing and nutrition of the.

If you want to be a responsible keeper and you do, youll need to read at least a halfdozen russian tortoise care sheet. This care sheet is only meant to get your feet wet. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that. Books by george hoppendale author of russian tortoises as. Russian tortoises come in all shapes, sizes, and different patterns. Youre an author, honing your lonely craft at crowded coffeeshops and dusty desks. The bulk of their diet should consist of a variety of dark, leafy, greens. The book had alot of interesting facts and cool pictures and answered all the questions i had. Theyre only about, making them a great beginner reptile. The russian tortoise, also known as the central asian tortoise or horsfields tortoise, is popular as a pet.

A tortoise is a turtle, but a turtle isnt a tortoise. Russian tortoise diet proper food for your pet russian. Our site offers live tortoises and turtles for sale as well as caging, heating, lighting and feeding supplies. Their skin color, including all of the head, is usually tan, dark gray or brown. When you buy a tortoise from us, live arrival is guaranteed. Any book recommendations and websites for tortoise care all torts or russian torts. I explain all aspects of keeping a russian tortoise as a pet to make sure that your. Russian tortoise daily care, pros and cons, cages, costs, diet, breeding all. There is a lot of conflicting information about the russian tortoise. A great species for keepers just starting out, russian tortoises are one the easiest to care for, and quickly win the favor of their keepers.

Romaine lettuce, collard greens, carrot tops, kale, mustard greens, and beet greens are all excellent choices. However, they cant be raised with ignorance, and with their long life, they need to be taken care of. With proper care they should out live their owners. Their behaviours and activities are fascinating to watch, while their small size and cute faces endear them to people of all ages. We will be hatching and starting more russian tortoises soon. Daily care, pros and cons, cages, costs, diet, breeding all covered hoppendale, george on. The best tortoises for sale, leopards, sulcats, russian. Everyone looking to own a russian or you already own one, this is the ideal book for you.

In the wild, these reptiles feed primarily on herb bushes and succulents. All authors are experienced writers and experts in their field. In this video i show you what basic steps are required to take care of your russian tortoise. Daily care, pros and cons, cages, costs, diet, breeding all covered. Russian tortoises as pets this is a book written by someone who has a lot of experience with pets, and it shows. Part of the answer to this question is that russian tortoises require long, light intensive days along with correct. It upper shell or carapace is rounded, and is almost as wide as it is long, and its color ranges from light brown all over, to yellowishbrown but with extensive markings of dark brown on each scute, with a lower shell or plastron of black with yellow seams. We now have available baby russian tortoise for sale alongside indian star tortoise, russian tortoise for sale online and many more. Tortoises is the most comprehensive guide to caring for and breeding your favorite land turtle. Russian tortoises living outdoors and allowed to dig burrows are very capable of taking care of themselves as far as temperatures are concerned. I talks about all the things you need to know and touches on some.

Russians are great pets to have and the least you as a pet owner can do is care for him the best way possible. Weve got some of the nicest captive bred baby russian tortoises for sale anywhere. In their natural habitats, russian tortoises are most commonly found in sand and clay deserts where grasses and bushes are sparse. To survive in these environments, russian tortoises will feed on a wide variety of plants, including grasses, fruits, leaves, stems, twigs. You will be taken to where your order will be processed through secure channels. Located in pheonix, arizona we supply a variety of tortoises and turtles to hobbyists as well as professional breeders. All private brand products carry a 100% moneyback guarantee. You may also keep your russian tortoise outdoors if the weather is similar to their natural habitat. The tortoise source produces and carries a wide variety of animals. This article gives you a basic overview of a proper russian tortoise diet. Celebrate the ultimate slow and steady land reptile with these fun facts about tortoises.

Greek tortoises, hermanns tortoises, marginated tortoises, egyptian tortoises, and russian tortoises. Daily care, pros and cons, cages, costs, diet, breeding all covered by. Simply click on the company logo or click the link below each specific book listing. In this book, ive explained my experience with my tortoise. Russian tortoises are primarily herbivores in the wild, and a similar diet should be provided in captivity. Thus, anyone handling a russian tortoise, or anything in its enclosure, should be sure to wash their hands thoroughly. A 20 gallon or larger terrarium is recommended for a single adult tortoise. A popular pet tortoise, russian tortoises are one of the most readily available tortoise species. Please dont think that you are ready to take care of your tortoise after watching this video.

House your russian tortoise in a enclosure that is big enough for the tortoise to move around in freely. Every book is fully illustrated and contains multiple sidebars and tip boxes. The adults will not grow to be much larger than 8 in. Russian tortoises also enjoy climbing, so try to provide an enclosure that gives them that opportunity. The male russian tortoise courts a female through head bobbing, circling, and biting her forelegs.

In this new book, expert tortoise breeder jerry fife presents insights into the captive care and breeding of russian tortoises, with a look at the other species of mediterranean tortoises. I feel that this is due in part to the fact that they are very adaptable. The author has insider knowledge, and frames the book from the perspective of someone who is personally dealing with a russian tortoise and who has personally dealt with a russian tortoise for a long time. It practically contains all the relevant information on how to care for your russian tortoise without a hassle. Animals were the centre of all our activities when i grew up. Commonly called respiratory infections or ris, there are actually two different diseases depending on where they are centered. Tortoises can get infections and disease in their lungs, throat or head. The guide is written by tortoise trust founders andrew and nadine highfield. They are small, making them easy for most people with limited space to keep. They wont play fetch with you, but they will get to know the hands that feed them. Russian tortoises testudo horsfieldii terrestrial turtles overview.

They are found in the green areas along the edges of rocky hillsides and deserts of south eastern russia, iran, afghanistan and pakistan. This is a nice species for keepers interested in a smaller tortoise. This book will discuss the captive care and breeding of russian tortoises, but the care of most of the mediterranean species is very similar russian tortoises are quite personable, have a long history in the pet trade. Russian tortoises adult for sale from the turtle source.

Therefor, we have the perfect fit for everyone from the novice keeper to the most seasoned tortoise owner. Russian tortoises testudo horsfieldi are the smallest tortoise species commonly available to keepers. From red footed, yellow footed, pancake, russian, and sulcata tortoises to indian star, burmese, leopard, and elongated tortoises. Russian tortoises well started hatchlings and juveniles. Covering a wide range of topics, such as nutrition, helath care, breeding, adn how to construct both indoor and outdoor habitats for russian tortoises, this book will provide extensive facts and interesting ideas for reptile fans at every level of the hobby. Helping tortoise keepers raise healthier tortoises. This compound is implicated in the development of enlarged thyroid glands goiters. Russian tortoise care sheet russian tortoise information. Coloration varies, but the shell is usually a ruddy brown or black, fading to yellow between the scutes, and the body is strawyellow and brown depending on the subspecies.

I would then ride my bike to the drug store, get a money order, and mail it to whichever reptile company i was ordering from at. Once youve purchased your russian tortoise for sale, it is time to get ready to prepare for your new pet tortoise to arrive and get everything ready below are some tips and information on the care of the captive bred russian tortoise you can always email us with questions you may have about your new pet russian tortoise. Especially in desert ranges, vegetation can be quite scarce. The main question about russian tortoises on this site is why did my russian tortoise bury itself. Start off right with all the proper equipment you need to have the most comfortable habitat for your new little friend. Maybe youve shelled out money for writing workshops or degrees, or maybe youve just read some great books and wanted to write one yourself. Build your own tortoise town kit tortoise for sale. They are also feisty, eager to eat and more active than some other tortoises.

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